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Source: nemesis maturity

Posted on Tuesday 13th of February, 2018 by nemesis maturity

Posted by nemesis maturity

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LASCO C2 captured an Earth directed halo coronal mass ejection (CME) following a minor C1 eruption on February 12. Early indications are that an r impact to our geomagnetic field will be possible by Feb. 15th. Increased geomagnetic activity and visible aurora will be possible at higher latitudes.

SOLAR WIND, INCOMING: A stream of high-speed solar wind is expected to reach Earth on Feb. 15th or 16th, possibly causing G1-class geomagnetic storms. The gaseous material is flowing from a hole in the sun's atmosphere now turning toward our planet. Arctic sky watchers should be alert for auroras after Valentine's Day.

ACTIVE SUNSPOT AR2699: Sunspot AR2699 is a shape-shifter. Over the weekend it morphed into a quadruple 'spot, with two new magnetic islands as large as Earth.

Rapid changes in the appearance of a sunspot mean one thing: Its magnetic field is changing rapidly as well. Tangled magnetic fields can criss, cross, and explode--a process known as "magnetic reconnection." Solar flares in the magnetic canopy of AR2699 are likely on Feb. 13-14.

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This page title: Earth-Directed Halo CME & a Large Coronal Hole Join Forces to Blast Earth with Solar Storms

Source: nemesis maturity


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