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License options

All contributors to the Cosmic Wikipedia are given full power to select a specific license category for each individual contribution.

Page sections

Pages on the Cosmic Wiki are separated into sections, and each section can have its own license.
The license is clearly stated at the very bottom of each section, for example:

Shows the different sections of a Cosmic Wiki page and their associated licenses

Each section falls into one of these categories

Category 1 - Cosmic Content Licence

Content created specifically for the Cosmic Wikipedia and content that is unique to the Cosmic Wikipedia falls into this category. Cosmic Wikipedia is considered as the original source for the content. Most content on the Cosmic Wikipedia falls into this category.

It is important to us that we acknowledge the hard work of our editors and contributors and therefore:

Content in this category can be:
  • Shared in online locations (including websites and social media) under fair use policies (generally up to a third of the text content)

Provided that:
  • You include a link to the source page on the Cosmic Wikipedia and make the source of the information clear.

This helps us ensure that the contributors and editors have their hard work respected, and goes towards encouraging additional contributions for the benefit of the entire community.

Category 2 - Content From Other Sources

Content that has been legally archived in the Cosmic Wikipedia from other sources falls into this category. This content often does not belong to the Cosmic Wikipedia and we are merely providing an archival source. Each instance is likely to be unique and users are encouraged to do their own research before republishing content that falls into this category.

We encourage the source to be listed for all content that falls into this category.

Category 3 - Public Domain Content

Content recognized as being in the public domain has no restrictions on its use by any party, and no permission is required to reuse the information in any form. Most content on the Cosmic Wikipedia does not fall into this category.

Category 4 - Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

This license is included to allow content from to be included in our database.
Text content from Wikipedia can be included by specifying this license category for its respective section.

© Cosmic Content License


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