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Source: nemesis maturity

Posted on Tuesday 13th of March, 2018 by nemesis maturity

Posted by nemesis maturity

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Using VST ATLAS and WISE surveys astronomers have identified two new bright high-redshift quasars. The newly found quasi-stellar objects, designated VST-ATLAS J158.6938-14.4211 and VST-ATLAS J332.8017-32.1036, could be helpful in improving our understanding of the evolution of the universe. The finding is reported March 4 in a paper published on

Quasars with high redshift (over 6.0) are of special interest for astronomers because their ultraviolet light is absorbed by the neutral hydrogen along the line of sight; thus, they can be used to probe the intergalactic medium in the early universe. They are the most luminous and most distant, compact objects in the observable universe.

As noted in the study, VST-ATLAS J158.6938-14.4211 (J158-14 for short) has a redshift of 6.07, while VST-ATLAS J332.8017-32.1036 (J332-32 for short) was found at a redshift of 6.32. J158-14 and J332-32 have magnitudes of 19.4 and 19.7 respectively.

Moreover, the researchers have conducted a preliminary estimate of the black hole masses powering the two quasars. According to the paper, J158-14 has a black hole with a mass of about 1.8 billion solar masses and when it comes to J332-32, its black hole is approximately two billion times more massive than the sun.
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Research paper here:


Clips, images credit: Robin Dienel / Carnegie Institution for Science, ESO, ESA/HUBBLE & NASA
Quasar image Credit: ESO/M. Kornmesser -

, CC BY 4.0,

Music credit: YouTube Audio Library

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This page title: Astronomers Discover Two of the Most Powerful Quasars in the Known Universe

Source: nemesis maturity


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